At Liner, we believe that education is the most reliable and powerful means of creating upward mobility. There are significant inequities in educational opportunity throughout Los Angeles County, but nowhere are these more apparent than in South Central Los Angeles.

That’s why we established the Liner Scholarship Foundation in partnership with South Central Scholars. The Foundation aims to help talented, motivated, students from disadvantaged backgrounds achieve success in college and beyond through financial assistance, academic counseling, hands-on mentorship, and internships at the firm.

Since 2006, Liner has donated more than $1.5 million and assisted more than 100 motivated and gifted students in pursuing their college dreams.

The Foundation assists beyond traditional financial support: We pair students with Liner lawyers who serve as mentors, giving their mentees highly personalized support through feedback, encouragement, guidance and friendship — and build long-lasting relationships with them in the process.

We’re proud that the Foundation has made a difference in these students’ lives. But we’re proudest of what they themselves have accomplished: Through their own talent, dedication and sheer hard work, each has forged a new path to a brighter future.

In addition to our support of SCS, the Partners of Liner LLP and The Liner Foundation have given over $2 million towards:

College ready education
Inmate education
Maternal, newborn & child health
Public health education
Disease prevention & eradication
Social & emotional education
Domestic violence prevention
Endangered species protection
Supporting law enforcement
Police education
Public Interest law

Public schools
Low income community development
Sanitation and hygiene
Child and family mental health services
Homeless alleviation
After school & summer programs
Hunger relief
LGBTQ rights
Ending childhood sexual abuse
Promoting social change through the arts
Teenage suicide awareness
Leadership development for girls